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In 1967, the Cornell Society of International Law established the Cornell International Law Journal as a forum for the exploration of
international legal scholarship. The Journal began production with a team of three editors and four associates.  Professor Robert A. Anthony, later director of the U.S. Office of Foreign Direct Investments in the Department of Commerce and then Chairman of the Administrative Conference of the United States under President Ford, served as the Journal's first faculty advisor.  Professor Paul C. Szasz '56,former Deputy to the United Nations Legal Counsel and principle drafter of the constitutions of Namibia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, contributed the first article.  Of the more than eighty student-published international and comparative law journals in continuous publication today, only five have a longer international heritage.

The Journal grew steadily over the years. In 1970, the Journal began semi-annual production. In 1977, the Journal held its first Symposium, An International Comparison of Legal Services for the Poor. Since 1988, the Journal has produced three issues per year, which include articles by academics, activists, practitioners, and leaders on current international,transnational, and comparative legal topics. The Journal has published articles by eminent scholars such as E. Allan Farnsworth, Geoffrey C. Hazard Jr., Rudolf B. Schlesinger, and Roger C. Cramton, among others. The Journal has also been a forum for national and international public servants. Recent contributors include: Former President William J. Clinton; Senator John F. Kerry; Senator George J. Mitchell, moderator of the historic Good Friday Accords in Northern Ireland and 1998Nobel Peace Prize nominee; Senator Orrin G. Hatch, former Presidential candidate and ranking Republican member of the Senate Judiciary Committee; Ambassador David J. Scheffer, Clinton negotiator for the establishment of the International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda; the Right and Honorable Lord Gordon Slynn of the United Kingdom's High Court of Justice; and Major General Barry Ashton, Deputy Commander of United Nations forces in Croatia from 1993 to 1994.

Today, still edited exclusively by students in Cornell Law School's J.D., LL.M. and J.S.D. programs, the Journal continues to maintain its dedication to accurate, on-time publishing, and editorial integrity of the highest level. The Cornell International Law Journal remains a vital forum where students, practitioners, public servants, and scholars can continue to discuss and debate the legal issues facing our world.

About the Peking University Law Review:

Peking University Law Review was founded in 1998 by a group of brilliant students with the dream of building a Chinese counterpart to the Harvard law Review as well as fostering legal academic norms in China.  Its birth created many precedents in China's law academy, such as an editing body exclusively run by student with the highest degree of autonomy, and the introduction of a universal system of mutual anonymous peer review. All editors are selected strictly. After one and a half decades, numerous former editors of the Review have become the backbone of leading law school faculties around China.

Now the dream of the Review has partly become true. It is unquestionably one of the most influential and most cited law journals in China with special strengths in multidisciplinary and comparative legal studies.  The academic norms it advanced, like a thorough analysis without limitation on length, have gradually been accepted as a mainstream of Chinese law journals. Norms that are not generally followed are also be abided by the Review, such as the rule that no editor shall be allowed to publish a paper on this prestigious journal unless he has retired for more than two years.

The Review produces two issues a year, each issue covering about ten contributions. The board of editors also performs the task of editing a separate English language journal of legal studies formally run by Peking University Law School, Peking University Journal of Legal Studies. The contributors of the Review include Zhenglai Deng, Dean of Fudan Institute for Advanced Study in Social Science, Peter Feng, Lecturer on Law, Harvard University Law School (2001-2002); Philip C. C. Huang, Professor Emeritus, University of California, Los Angeles; Weidong Ji, Dean of KoGran Law School of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Zhipan Wu, Vice President of Peking University; and Suli Zhu, former Dean of Peking University Law School. The Review has also published translations of representative articles of prominent international scholars including Ian Ayres, Pierre Bourdieu, John. H. Farrar, Michel Foucault, Jody Freeman, Lawrence M. Friedman, Robert Gertner, Niklas Luhmann, Joseph J. Nowton, Richard A. Posner, Robert C. Post , Mark J. Roe and Philip Selznick .