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Credit Card GiftsUse your credit card to direct your gift to any purpose.  Make a gift now.

Cash GiftsPrefer to write a check? Thank-you!  Please mail it here.

Matching GiftsEnhance the value of your gift through a matching-gift program.  Find Your Company

Gifts of SecuritiesTransfer part of your portfolio and hold onto your cash.  How-To & Forms

Planned GiftAs simple as a codicil that establishes a bequest, a Planned Gift can also take the form of a charitable trust or annuity.  Learn More

Credit Card GiftsUse your credit card on our secure Web page and Cornell Law School will be able to use your gift right away. You can contribute to Annual Fund, to the endowment of an established fund, to your Class's Reunion Giving, or earmark your gift to support the Public Interest Fellowships, the Legal Information Institute, the Law Library, the Avon Global Center for Women and Justice, the Jack G. Clarke Institute for the Study and Practice of Business Law, the Cornell Death Penalty Project, or any one or several of Cornell Law School's many academic programs.

Make a gift now

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Cash Gifts You can make a cash gift by writing a check. Make your check payable to Cornell University, and specify its designation within Cornell Law School on the "Memo" line. Please mail your check to Cornell University / P.O. Box 25842 / Lehigh Valley, PA 18003-9692. You can direct your cash gift to any program or purpose at Cornell Law School.

Matching GiftsYour employer's matching gift program is the easiest way to leverage your contribution, which could effectively double or triple in value.  By demonstrating your commitment to Cornell Law School, a matching gift expands the circle of our friends and potential benefactors, thereby discovering new sources of funding for scholarships and professorships, research and prizes.  Often, matching-gift companies and organizations will step forward to sponsor a conference, symposium, journal or other programming associated with one of the Law School's distinguished academic centers, institutes, or clinics.  When activity rises in matching gifts, the Law School thrives.

Find Your Company

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Gifts of SecuritiesA transfer of appreciated securities—stocks, bonds, mutual funds—is as advantageous to you as it is beneficial to Cornell Law School.  By re-assigning one or more of these investments to the giving area of your choice, you earn a charitable-gift deduction for the full market value and cancel your responsibility to pay the capital-gains tax.  You may even sell some of the securities at market value, transfer the rest to the Law School, and find that your charitable-gift deduction wholly offsets your capital-gains tax obligation.  In some cases, the current value of your gift might be greater than the cost of transferring ownership—and, if the markets prosper, the value Cornell Law School eventually realizes from these securities might be many times greater than it was at the outset.  A gift of this kind is an excellent way to provide endowment funding for a named Scholarship or Professorship, as well as for academic programs, institutes, centers, and clinics.

To make a gift of securities, please be sure to instruct your broker or financial institution to attach your full name (as it appears on your IRS Federal Income Tax Return Form) to the transfer order.  The easiest and most effective way to ensure that we know the gift is from you is to use the form that appears on the Cornell Web page, "Make a Gift of Securities," here.

How-To & Forms

Planned GiftsA planned gift can take several forms, including a bequest, a charitable trust, or an annuity.  As a life income agreement, it can provide you and / or your spouse, partner, or "significant other" with life-long income, part of which might be tax-exempt.  Depending on the nature and amount of the gift, you might lessen or cancel your capital-gains tax obligation, reduce or cancel your estate tax, and earn an IRS deduction for a charitable gift—all while creating a resource of inestimable value to Cornell Law School.  As a cornerstone of your personal legacy, a Planned Gift can potentially provide funding in perpetuity for a named Professorship, Scholarship, academic center, institute, program, clinic, or another project by which you choose to be remembered.

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