CeRI at ELPAR Symposium

On April 4, a group of congressional and White House staffers, agency officials, and advocacy groups met in the Russell Senate Office Building to discuss the policy proposals in a law review article written by Cynthia R. Farina, Mary J. Newhart and Josiah Heidt, “Rulemaking vs. Democracy:  Judging and Nudging Public Participation that Counts.”  Based on findings from CeRI’s RegulationRoom project, the article was one of three, selected out of 900 contending articles, to be featured in the Environmental Law and Policy Annual Review.  The annual event on Capitol Hill brings “innovative environmental law and policy proposals in the academic literature” to the attention of leading policymakers and practitioners.  Prof. Farina discussed CeRI’s work and responded to comments on the article from the General Counsel of EPA, the Program Manager of the Union of Concerned Scientists, and the VP of Regulatory and Technical Affairs of the American Chemistry Council. Additional conference information, a link to the paper and audio recordings of the various presentations can be found here.