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Global Gender Justice Clinic

The Global Gender Justice Clinic at Cornell Law School works with organizations and individuals on projects that aim to advance gender justice and human rights.  Through a critical seminar and practical project work, students examine and engage in local, global, and transnational efforts to combat gender-based violence and discrimination.

Working in teams under faculty supervision, students undertake cases and projects that focus on a variety of issues relating to gender justice.  These include, for example:  intimate partner violence; so-called “honor” crimes; gender violence in schools, prisons or other institutional settings; gender and HIV/AIDS; sexual offenses in armed conflict; early and forced marriage; violations of women’s property and inheritance rights; gender stereotyping and discrimination; and trafficking in persons.  Many of the Clinic’s non-litigation projects are carried out in collaboration with Cornell Law School’s Avon Global Center for Women and Justice.

The Clinic maintains a diverse docket.  Students may participate in domestic, regional or international litigation, engage with international human rights bodies, draft or analyze proposed legislation, conduct fact-finding and reporting, contribute to community-based public education campaigns, or pursue other types of human rights strategies. Through their clinic work, students gain experience in the wide range of activities in which gender justice advocates engage, develop critical human rights lawyering skills, learn to be effective and thoughtful advocates, and contribute to efforts to advance global gender justice at home and around the world.

For descriptions of some of our current and prior projects, please click here.  If you are a law student who is interested in applying to the Clinic, please see Students.  If you are seeking legal assistance or collaboration on a project, please see Potential Clients.

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