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Current Year

FALL 2015

8/31 Introductory Session
Bridging the International Law-International Relations Divide: Taking Stock of Progress
9/14 Adam Chilton, University of Chicago Law
United Nations Endorsement & Support for Women's Rights: Evidence from an Experiment in Pakistan
9/28 Mia Bloom, Georgia State
Armed and Innocent:  The Growing Use of Children by Terrorist Groups
10/19 Tim Meyer, Vanderbilt Law
Local Discrimination and Global Public Goods
11/2 Chris Brummer, Georgetown Law
11/16 Jed Kroncke, FGV, Sao Paolo, Brazil
Union Democracy and Transnational Labor Activism


1/25 Terrence Chapman, University of Texas at Austin, Political Science
 2/22  Brian Greenhill, Dartmouth Clubs of Clubs:  Fragmentation in the Network of Intergovernmental Organizations
Jessica Stanton, University of Pennsylvania
International Humanitarian Law and Civil War Outcomes in the Post-Cold War Era
3/21 Melissa Lee, Princeton University
Crippling Leviathan:  How Hostile Neighbors Weaken the State
Kristen Eichensehr, UCLA Law
Public-Private Cybersecurity
 4/18 Rebecca Ingber, Boston University Law Co-Belligerency and War Powers