IL/IR short 14 -15

Current Year

FALL 2014

9/8 Introductory Session
Oona Hathaway's 2005 article, "Between Power and Principle: An Integrated Theory of International Law."
9/22 Barbara Koremenos, Professor of Political Science, University of Michigan
"The Continent of International Law."
10/6 Bobby Chesney, Charles I. Francis Professor in Law and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, University of Texas
"The Laws of War: Origins and Evolution of the Paradigm of Legitimacy."
10/27 Jason Sharman, Professor and Director, Centre for Governance and Public Policy, Griffith University and Visiting Professor, Barnard College
"Deceptive Studies or Deceptive Answers? Competing Global Field and Survey Experiments on Anonymous Incorporation."
11/10 Krzysztof J. Pelc, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, McGill University

"The Price of Decentralized Enforcement."
11/24 Jens Ohlin, Professor of Law, Cornell Law School
"The Combatant's Privilege in Asymmetric & Covert Conflicts."


1/26 Odette Lienau, Associate Professor of Law, Cornell Law School
Law in Hiding:  Market Principles in the global Legal Order.
2/9 Mia Bloom, Professor of Security Studies, University of Massachusetts, Lowell (CANCELLED)

Armed and Innocent: The Growing Use of Children by Terrorist Groups.

2/23 Judith Kelley, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Research, Duke Sanford School of Public Policy
Scorecard Diplomacy:  Reputation and the Global U.S. Fight Against Human Trafficking.
3/9 Moria Paz, Visiting Scholar, Law and International Security, Stanford University
Between the Kingdom and the Desert Sun: Human Rights, Immigration and Border Walls.
3/23 Christoph Paulus, Professor of Law, Humboldt University at Berlin/Germany
A Resolvency Proceeding for Europe (and Beyond)
4/13 Nina Tannenwald, Faculty Fellow and Director, Political Science, Brown University
Targeted Killings: Is the Norm Against Assassination in Decline?