IL/IR short 14 -15

Information for Students

Here is the Syllabus for the academic year 2014-2015.

Schedule for Discussants:


1/26 Odette Lienau, Associate Professor of Law, Cornell Law School
Discussants:  Geary Choe
Law in Hiding:  Market Principles in the Global Legal Order.
2/9 Mia Bloom, University of Massachusetts, Lowell (Cancelled)
Discussants: Caitlin Lucey & Margaret Toohey
Armed and Innocent: The Growing Use of Children by Terrorist Groups.
2/23 Judith Kelley, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Research, Duke Sanford School of Public Policy
Discussants:  Tak-Yin Fung
Scorecard Diplomacy:  Reputation and the Global U.S. Fight Against Human Trafficking.
3/9 Moria Paz, Visiting Scholar, Law and International Security, Stanford University
Discussants:  Samuel Steinman & Itsumi Miwa
Between the Kingdom and the Desert Sun: Human Rights, Immigration and Border Walls.
3/23 Christoph Paulus, Humboldt University Law
Discussants:  Chase Woodley & Diogo Magalhaes
A Resolvency Proceeding for Europe (and Beyond).
Nina Tannenwald, Brown University, Political Science
Discussants:  Russell Kostelak
Targeted Killings: Is the Norm Against Assassination in Decline?