IL/IR Colloquium Short

Information for Students

Here is the syllabus for the academic year 2013/14.

Schedule for Discussants:

Spring 2014
1/27 Sarah Kreps, Cornell University, Department of Government.
Discussants:  Youyi Zhang and Liz Acorn
The Marketplace of Ideas at War: Elites, International Law, and Public Support for Drone Warfare.
2/10 Cora True-Frost, Syracuse University Law.
Discussants: Whitney Taylor and Pearl Hahn
The Relationship between the first Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court and the UN Security Council.
2/24 Alex Cooley, Barnard College, Political Science.
Discussants: Ross Weinstein and Nicole Weyandt
The Emerging Politics of International Rankings and Ratings.
3/10 Ken Abbott, Arizona State Law, Global Studies.
Discussants: Trudy McLeary and Michael Milazzo
Orchestration:  Global Governance through Intermediaries.
3/24 David Kennedy, Harvard University Law.
Discussants:  Filippo Macchi de Cellere and Sinja Graf
Global Governance and Political Economy.
4/14 Sungjoon Cho, Chicago-Kent Law.
Discussants:  Stephanie An and Sarah Maxey
The Social Foundations of World Trade: Norms, Community, and Constitution.