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Previous Years

Professors Odette Lienau of Cornell Law School and  Sarah Kreps of the Cornell Government Department host the International Law-International Relations Colloquium. This interdisciplinary colloquium, held at the law school and jointly offered with the Government Department, invite scholars to present research related to international law and international relations.  The presented work has spanned a broad substantive and methodological spectrum, and has included empirical and theoretical material.  Below was the schedule of speakers for previous years, including titles/topics for speakers who presented.

Fall 2011
Spring 2012
Fall 2012
Spring 2013
Fall 2013
Spring 2014
Fall 2014
Spring 2015

FALL 2011

  • 8/29:  Sandy Liebenberg, (Stellenbosch University) -- Please read the introduction to Brunnée & Toope, Legitimacy & Legality in International Law (Blackboard)
  • 9/14:  Galit Sarfaty, (U. Penn. Wharton School of Business) -- Regulating Through Numbers: A Case Study of Corporate Sustainability Reporting Paper
  • 9/26:  Darryl Li, (Harvard Anthropology) -- Jihad Under Two Flags: A Case Study in Transnational Armed Groups and the Laws of War
  • 10/3:  Tonya Putnam, (Columbia Government) -- Locating 'Principled Behavior' in International Legal Process: An Empirical Reassessment of Why Some States Resisted Signing ICC Non-Surrender Agreements with the United States
  • 10/17:  Suzanne Katzenstein, (Duke Law) -- Innovating to Protect the Status Quo: The Creation of New Enforcement Mechanisms in International Law
  • 10/31:  Sarah Kreps (Cornell Government) and John Kaag (U. Mass Lowell, Philosophy) -- The Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Combat: Legal and Ethical Implications


  • 1/30:  Rachel Brewster (Harvard Law) -- Remedies and Beliefs: The Influence of Dispute Resolution on Reputation
  • 2/13:  Peter Katzenstein (Cornell Government) -- Lost in Translation: The Americanization of Procedural Law
  • 3/5:    Laura Donohue (Georgetown Law) -- The Limits of National Security
  • 3/12:  Jon Pevehouse (Wisconsin, Political Science) --  An Opportunity Cost Theory of U.S. Treaty Behavior
  • 4/9:    John Ciorciari (U. Michigan, Public Policy) -- Hybrid Justice in Cambodia: Strengths and Pitfalls of the Mixed Tribunal Model
  • 4/23:  Katerina Linos (Berkeley Law) -- Legislative Borrowing

FALL 2012

  • 8/27:  Introductory Meeting -- Please read the introduction to Brunnée & Toope, Legitimacy & Legality in International Law
  • 9/10:  James Gathii, (Loyola Univ. Chicago, Law) -- Strength in IP Protection and FDI Flows in LDC's
  • 9/24:  Neta Crawford, (Boston Univ. Pol. Sci. & Af. Am. Studies) -- 'Lawfare' and the 2012 U.S. Civilian Casualty Mitigation Manual
  • 10/1:  Jana Von Stein, (U. Michigan Pol. Sci .) -- The Autocratic Politics of International Human Rights Agreements
  • 10/15: Jutta Brunee, (U. Toronto Law) -- Stability and Change in International Law
  • 10/29: Thania Sanchez, (Yale Pol. Sci.) -- Does Capacity Building Work?: Lessons from the Landmine Treaty
  • 11/12: Ruti Teitel, (New York Law School) -- Is There a Right to Accountability? Exploring the Jurisprudence of the Inter-American and the European Human Rights Courts

Spring 2013

Fall 2013

Spring 2014

Fall 2014

Spring 2015