IL/IR Colloquium Short


The colloquium meets every other  Monday in Myron Taylor Hall, Room 279, with any exceptions listed on the schedule.  We meet from 12:15-1:20 pm.  A light lunch will be provided.  An RSVP is required for all guests.  Please plan to arrive a few minutes early to get your lunch so we can start the session on time.  Thank you.

For each session, RSVP to Jamie Weber at
(enrolled students do NOT need to RSVP, but guests do)

For questions about logistics, please contact:

Sinja Graf
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Government
Graduate Student Coordinator

For general questions about the colloquium, please contact:

Odette Lienau
Associate Professor of Law
Cornell University Law School
234 Myron Taylor Hall

Sarah Kreps
Assistant Professor
College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Government
317 White Hall