H. Richard Beresford Adjunct Professor of Law (Fall term)
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Contact Information

Cornell Law School
G83 Myron Taylor Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853-4901

Phone: (607) 255-7926
Fax: (607) 255-7193
Email: rb65@cornell.edu

Professional Biography

H. Richard Beresford specializes in health law. He has been a Professor of Neurology at the University of Rochester School of Medicine since 1991, and has taught courses such as Law and Medicine, Bioethics and Law, HIV Disease and Law, Health Care Reform, Mental Health Law, Bioterrorism and Public Health Law, and Health Law.

Dr. Beresford was admitted to the bar in Colorado in 1955 and had a private law practice in Denver. After completing his MD, he served as an Intern and Assistant Resident in Medicine and then as Resident and Fellow in Neurology at the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center. He then served as Director of the Department of Neurology at Denver General Hospital and as Assistant Professor of Medicine (Neurology) at the University of Colorado. He returned to Cornell University Medical College as a Professor of Neurology. He also served as a Visiting Investigator at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.


B.A. 1952, Yale University
J.D. 1955, Harvard Law School
M.D. 1963, University of Colorado