Calum M. Carmichael Professor of Comparative Literature and Associate Member of the Law Faculty (Spring term)
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Contact Information

Cornell University
139 Goldwin Smith Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853-4901

Phone: (607) 255-8265
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Professional Biography

Calum Carmichael, Professor of Comparative Literature and Adjunct Professor of Law, has degrees in Science, Historical Theology, and Law from the Universities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Oxford. He teaches biblical and cognate (Near Eastern and Talmudic) literature as well as courses on law and literature in antiquity.

His research to date has been on the relationship between law and narrative in early biblical material. Of his 15 books, many reflect this focus: Illuminating Leviticus: A Study of Its Laws and Institutions in the Light of Biblical Narratives; Law, Legend, and Incest in the Bible; The Spirit of Biblical Law; and The Origins of Biblical Law. He is the editor of five volumes of a series devoted to the work of his own tutor at Oxford, the 20th century legal scholar, David Daube, Studies in Comparative Legal History, published by the Robbins Collection, University of California, Berkeley. The Max Planck Institute for European Legal History published his portrait of Daube: Ideas and the Man: Remembering David Daube.

He has received Guggenheim and National Endowment for the Humanities fellowships, has directed five programs for the National Endowment for the Humanities for College Teachers to aid their research and teaching, is a Corresponding Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Postgraduate Hebrew Studies, and a Research Fellow of the Robbins Civil and Religious Collection, School of Law, University of California, Berkeley.

Currently he is preparing for publication another volume of Daube's collected works devoted to papers on Roman Law, and a book on Numbers, arguing that it is an extension of Genesis.


B.Sc. 1959, Glasgow University, LL.D. 1991
B.D. 1962, Edinburgh University
B. Litt. 1965, Oxford University