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Jeffrey J. Rachlinski

Contact Information
Cornell Law School
122 Myron Taylor Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853-4901

Phone: (607) 255-5878
Fax: (607) 255-7193
Jeffrey J. Rachlinski Henry Allen Mark Professor of Law

Professional Biography

Jeffrey Rachlinski is an innovator in both administrative law, and in social psychology and the law. Since he joined the Cornell Law School faculty in 1994, less than a year after receiving a Ph.D. in Psychology and a J.D. from Stanford University, Mr. Rachlinski has offered new perspectives on the influence of human psychology on decision-making by courts, administrative agencies, and regulated communities. Mr. Rachlinski's unique analytical viewpoint has led him to explore varied topics in legal practice, such as litigation strategies, punitive damages, administrative law, environmental law, and products liability. One of the most versatile scholars at Cornell Law School, Professor Rachlinski has taught social and cognitive psychology for lawyers, administrative law, environmental law, civil procedure and torts.


B.A., M.A., (Psychology) The Johns Hopkins University, 1988
J.D., Stanford University, 1993
Ph.D., (Psychology) Stanford University, 1994