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Inter-University Graduate Conference

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Cornell Law School is proud to host its 10th Annual Inter-University Graduate Conference on April 11-12, 2014. The oldest ongoing conference of its kind, we provide graduate students with a forum to present and discuss their research. We are particularly interested in quality research papers that are ambitious in pushing the academic boundaries, e.g.,those having controversial claims or using unconventional forms and methodologies.

In previous years, we have dealt with a variety of subjects, including the interdisciplinary research in "Changing Faces in Legal Thinking" and the identity crisis of legal scholarship in "Crossroads". As a tribute to the 10th anniversary, our theme is LOOKING BACK, LOOKING FORWARD. We are hoping to track the parallels in social changes and the transformation of legal discourse in the past 10 years and speculate as to those forthcoming. We would like to discuss the past and the future of the legal scholarship and the legal profession in general. How do lawyers perceive their roles? Are they agents of change, community workers, or cogs in the system? Do legal practitioners reflect on their tasks? What is the role of the legal scholar and [legal] theory? What are the prospects and perils of judicial activism? How does the legal community respond to financial, social and political crises? How does globalization, legal transplants or translations effect legal systems?

We welcome applications from all graduate students (particularly JSDs/SJDs and PhDs) involved in legal scholarship. Papers in all areas of law may be submitted. Selections should be informed by the theme. However, submissions are not bound by the theme and the selections will be based both on the quality of the proposal and its capacity to engage in a dialog with other submissions.

Please send a 250-500 word abstract description of the paper you would like to present. Submissions should be sent to the following email address:

Submissions must be received by February 21, 2014for consideration by the conference committee. The papers selected for presentation will be announced no later than February 28.Final papers will be due by no later than March 28and will be circulated to conference presenters through Dropbox.

Call for Papers