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Post-Doctoral Fellows

Rudolf B. Schlesinger Research Fellows

Each year Cornell Law School hosts a limited number of Rudolf B. Schlesinger Research Fellows from throughout the world who wish to pursue post-doctoral research at Cornell.

Cornell Law School offers Schlesinger Fellows the following benefits:

  • Access to Cornell Law School’s extensive library collections as well as on-line research databases (e.g., Lexis and Westlaw).
  • A carrel in the library with Internet access (the library is also equipped for wireless access).
  • Invitations participate in many faculty events and colloquia throughout the year.
  • The opportunity to teach a course or seminar at the law school if the curricular need arises.

About the Schlesinger Fellows:

  • Schlesinger Fellows have completed doctorate degrees and hold junior level faculty positions at other universities.
  • Cornell Law School does not charge Schlesinger Fellows for their time at Cornell; however, they are responsible for their own financial support while visiting. In exceptional circumstances, Cornell Law School awards a Rudolf B. Schlesinger Research Fellowship to an outstanding post-doctoral fellow to cover all or a portion of the fellow’s living expenses while at Cornell Law School.
  • Schlesinger Fellows may visit for as little as a week or for up to 12 months.
  • If needed, Schlesinger Fellows will be provided with documentation to obtain a
    J-1 visiting scholars visa.

For further information please contact the Graduate Legal Studies Program Office. 

Information for Post-Doctoral Fellow Applicants


Rudolf B. Schlesinger

During his 27-year career at Cornell Law School, Rudolf B. Schlesinger, who held the William Nelson Cromwell Professor of International and Comparative Law endowed chair at Cornell Law School for many years, taught nearly half of the law school’s students. He is known as the “father of comparative law” in American law schools, and both faculty and alumni of the law school have often said that his example and expertise inspired their personal and professional lives.