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Keio Law School Tokyo, Japan

Cornell Law School can send up to two students each academic year during the Fall semester to Keio. Students who are not fluent in Japanese would need to inquire about English-language courses offered as it varies from year to year. 


Japanese, but with limited course offerings in English.


Founded in 1858, Keio University is a comprehensive academic enterprise with five major campuses in Japan, along with a number of affiliated academic institutions on or near these campuses. In addition, Keio University also operates a high school in New York. The Keio Law School is located in Tokyo. “Since its inception, Keio University has continued to pursue founder Yukichi Fukuzawa's spirit of jitsugaku, one should not just acquire information from book learning, but one should learn from real-life experiences in order to apply viable solutions to actual problems. Keio continues to pursue jitsugaku today, fostering forward-looking thinkers at its five major campuses.”


Fall Semester – Mid-September to Early-February


For the entire curriculum, which is offered in Japanese, see the English-language site.
The following courses (approximately the equivalent of nine Cornell credits) have been offered in English:
Corporate and Project Finance;
International Dispute Resolution;
International IO Licensing Agreements;
International IP Licensing Agreements;
M&A and Strategic Alliances;
Multinational Corporations and Corporate Governance;

There also will be a number of two-credit independent study programs that would allow a student with some Japanese language skills to do a paper with a Japanese law professor.


Please see Keio’s English-language website.