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Bucerius Law School Hamburg, Germany

Cornell Law School can send up to two students each Fall semester to Bucerius.

Language of Instruction: English


Located in Hamburg, Bucerius Law School is the first privately operated law school in Germany. It was founded in 2000 with the goal of offering prospective law students an alternative to the usual legal education provided at German state universities. The main objective was to create an academically accomplished, practice-oriented, and bi-lingual legal education with a focus on international business law. Exchanges are a central part of its curriculum: all Bucerius students must participate in an exchange; it has partner schools in many nations, including a number of U.S. law schools; exchange students from around the world typically make up about a third of the Bucerius enrollment in the Fall.

Hamburg, Germany’s second-largest city, is called “the Venice of the North.” It is a historic, scenic port city with many channels, rivers, lakes and parks. In addition to being a cosmopolitan city, it is also a college town, with over 65,000 university students. Bucerius is centrally located, next to a beautiful park. The public transportation system is excellent and Bucerius students generally receive a free public transportation ticket.

Academic Calendar:

The program is divided into two six-week sessions. In 2013, the academic calendar is:

  • Orientation Program -- 4-6 September 2013

  • Session I -– 9 September to  20 October 2013
  • Session I Exams: October 21--25

  • Session II -– 4 November to  December 15, 2013
  • Session II Exams: December 16--20

Sample Courses:

Generally speaking, Bucerius courses tend to be the equivalent of two Cornell semester credits. To see the Fall 2012 course selections, chick here.

It is also possible for students to take courses in German if language skills allow. Bucerius offers German and other language courses as well.

Twelve Bucerius "ABA credits" equal 12 Cornell credits.

Further Information:

Interested students should consult the Bucerius website for more details.