Getting Materials not at Cornell

Another benefit of attending Cornell Law School is the access to partner library collections. If you need something that is unavailable at Cornell, we can help get it for you. There are two ways to request materials that are not available at Cornell: 

(1)   Borrow Direct 

Use Borrow Direct to request books that are unavailable at Cornell (either not owned, checked-out, or missing). Borrow Direct is a rapid request and delivery system. It allows Cornell faculty, staff and students to search the combined library catalogs of select east coast universities, a collection of over 40 million volumes, and directly request expedited delivery of circulating items. Click here for instructions. This is free for Cornell users.

(2)   Interlibrary Loan

Use Interlibrary Loan to request books, journal articles, book chapters, newspaper articles, or any other material not owned by Cornell University Library. Click here for instructions. This is free for Cornell users.