Online Publishing

There are two primary sites for faculty to publish their scholarship online.

1.  Legal Scholarship Network at SSRN

Law school policy encourages all faculty to publish their scholarship on Legal Scholarship Network (LSN). SSRN LSN allows publishing of PDFs of working papers and published articles with copyright permission. You may submit your scholarship directly to LSN yourself , or your administrative assistant may be able to assist you.

2.  Scholarship@Cornell Law

Administered by Cornell Law Library, Scholarship@Cornell Law provides free permanent online access to conference papers, lectures, reports, workshop presentations, pre-prints and other works in progress, and published articles written by members of the Cornell Law School community and guest contributors. It allows more types of publication formats than LSN and provides global access to your scholarship with stable URLs. Current publication series include:

Submitting your scholarship for online publication in Scholarship@Cornell Law is easy, using the online Scholarship Submission Form. Follow these steps:

  • Make sure you retain the copyright on your scholarship. For information on managing your copyrights, including a sample publication agreement, see the Create Change website.
  • Submit your completed paper as a Microsoft Word file or PDF. WordPerfect files and Power Point files can also be accommodated.
  • Video, audio and other media are welcome. To contribute non-textual files and the papers/presentations exceeding 15 MB, please contact the Repository Manager.
  • Submit an abstract along with your contribution. The abstract will be searchable by Internet search engines such as Google, and provides an important means of access to your work.
  • Your contributions may be withdrawn from the repository at any time at your request.

Questions? Please contact Jean Pajerek, Repository Manager.