Publishing Online

Cornell Law Library offers you the opportunity to publish your scholarship online in the Law Library's digital repository, Scholarship@Cornell Law. The repository improves the dissemination and visibility of your papers, articles, and conference presentations throughout the academic and legal communities, giving you a wide audience for your publications.

J.D. students may submit contributions to the Cornell Law School Graduate Student Papers series. LL.M. students are invited to submit papers to the LL.M. Graduate Research Papers series.

Submitting your scholarship for online publication in the Repository is easy. Follow these steps:

  • - Submit your completed paper as a Microsoft Word file. If necessary, PDFs and WordPerfect files can be accommodated
  • - PowerPoint slides, video, and other media are also welcome as ancillary material.
  • - Submit an abstract along with your contribution. (The abstract will be searchable by Internet search engines such as Google, and provides an important means of access to your work.)

Please e-mail your contributions or questions to Jean Pajerek, Repository Project Manager (255-4018).