Research Assistants

Every year research services librarians prepare summer research assistants for the challenging and rewarding job of working for faculty. At the beginning of the summer we give research assistants an orientation that discusses:

  • How to conduct scholarly research at Cornell University
  • How to obtain research materials held on and off campus
  • How to print in the lab and have it charged to the professor's account
  • How to use COLTS and get paid

Each professor has an assigned research attorney who is available to assist with research projects. These designated library liaisons are available to aid research assistants in their work as well. Research assistants are encouraged to contact the designated library liaison with research questions.

Click here to find library liaison assignments listed by professor.

Additionally, library liaisons provide one-on-one training during the school year for research assistants who are new or beginning a new project. Liaisons can also answer questions that arise during the research process.