Constitutions & Peace Agreements


Indiana University's Liberian Collections Project site has not only the texts of all the constitutions, but also valuable background originally published in the 2nd edition of the Historical Dictionary of Liberia, edited by D. Elwood Dunn, Amos J. Beyan, and Carl Patrick Burrowes (Scarecrow Press, 2001).

1820 Constitution of the American Commonwealth Society

1839 Commonwealth Constitution

1847 Constitution

1847 Declaration of Independence

1983 Draft Constitution

1984 Constitution

Dr. Amos Sawyer, former interim president of Liberia and chairman of the National Constitutional Committee which produced the draft culminating in the 1984 Constitution, believes that democratic reform is not possible in Liberia without a new constitution. See Violent Conflicts and Governance.
Challenges in West Africa: the case of the Mano River basin area, 42 Modern African Studies no. 3 P. 1.

Additional Resources

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Peace Agreements

The United States Institute of Peace has compiled a digital collection of Liberian Peace agreements, starting with the Cotonou Agreement in 1993, up to and including the Comprehensive Peace Agreement signed in August of 2003.

Conciliation Resources has the entire issue online of its journal Accord dealing with the peace process and analyzing the agreements of the 90's. Also included are the texts of several of the agreements.