Carrel Reservation Policy

Carrels located on the first, fourth, new ground, and basement floors may be reserved for one semester at a time by 2Ls, 3Ls, LLMs, JSDs, and exchange students.  Carrels are not available to students in their first year.

Carrels located on the second floor may not be reserved and are available daily on a first-come, first served basis for all law students.

Students may sign up for carrel reservations on a first-come, first-served basis.  The sign-up period spans two days.  The first day is reserved for students who are JSDs, or who are serving on journals, moot courts, or working for a professor.  The second day is open to the remainder of the students identified above. 

Each carrel must be shared by two students.  Students may choose a carrel partner or elect to have the library assign a carrel partner.

Use of carrels is restricted to law students.  All others seeking a place to study are welcome to visit our Reading Room on the third floor.

All regularly circulating library materials, as well as law reviews and looseleafs, may be signed out to a carrel. No Reading Room material or primary materials from any floor (reporters, statutes, indexes, digests, etc.) may be signed out to the carrel or kept in the carrel.

All materials to be kept in the carrel must be signed out at the circulation desk. All material signed out to a carrel must remain in the carrel. A carrel flyer shall be put in each book checked out to the carrel. All library materials must be returned to the circulation desk at the end of each semester.

Regular, circulating materials signed out to the carrel are subject to recall by other patrons. 

Materials not subject to recall (journals and looseleafs) may be retrieved from the carrel by library staff for short-term use (usually 24 hours) of other patrons. A note will be left in the carrel notifying the carrel holder that the library is using the book. 

Library staff will remove any Law Library materials that have not been properly checked out to the carrel.

No food is allowed in the carrels.  An eating area is located on the third floor directly outside the Reading Room.  Drinks in spill-proof containers are allowed throughout the library.

Carrels have no security. Carrel holders are responsible for their personal belongings and all library material they check out to a carrel.

Please contact Kathy Hartman with questions:, 607-255-5750.