Clarke Program in East Asian Law and Culture Colloquium Series

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
277 (Cap:40)
Jie Cheng, Associate Professor of Law, Tsinghua University School of Law, Nathaniel Fensterstock Visiting Associate Professor of Law (Fall 2013) Columbia Law School.
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Donna Hastings

"Contradiction, Reconciliation, and Mutual-Strengthening: A Review of Institutional Interaction between the NPCSC and the Hong Kong Judiciary since 1997" Jie Cheng is an associate professor of law at Tsinghua University Law School. She teaches constitutional law, comparative constitutional law, Hong Kong and Macau Basic Law. Her research fields include constitutionalism in transitional society, Hong Kong and Macau Basic Law, freedom of information, and administrative reconsideration in China. Professor Cheng supervised a civil rights legal clinic at Tsinghua from 2002-5. She then worked for the National People’s Congress Standing Committee Hong Kong & Macau Basic Law Committee between 2006-7 while teaching at Tsinghua. She has been appointed as a commissioner of the Beijing Municipality Administrative Reconsideration Board since 2011. She is also legal council and reconsideration commissioner for Xicheng and Daxing District Governments of Beijing. RSVP to dkh25@cornell.edu