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Mehri Lecture Caps 2012 Public Interest Legal Career Symposium

To introduce first-year law students to the world of public sector law practice, and to provide upper-class students with valuable networking contacts, the Office of Public Service invites alumni practitioners back to the Law School for our annual Public Interest Legal Career Symposium.  This year's Symposium was held on Friday, January 26.  While late January may not be the ideal time to return to upstate New York, the first week of spring semester is a great time to draw a good-sized student audience to this very popular program.  

The 2012 Symposium panels, below, were held in Myron Taylor Hall.  Panelists shared inspiring stories from the field and valuable insight into current legal and political issues relevant to their work.  Students listened attentively and peppered panelists with questions.  The knowledge, advice and encouragement provided by alumni are invaluable to our students.  We greatly appreciate their time, wisdom and generosity.

Later that evening, panelists joined more than 60 students for dinner at Cornell's Statler Hotel.  The dinner's keynote speaker was Matthew Glasser '77, Lead Urban Specialist with The World Bank, who spoke about "International Development in the 21st Century". The address was part of the Cyrus Mehri '88 Public Interest Lecture Series, which supports an annual major address to the Law School community by a public interest practitioner. 

2012 Public Interest Symposium Panels

Criminal Law Practice:  Defense, Prosecution, and Alternatives to Incarceration
Allison Jordan '05 - Committee for Public Counsel Services, Boston, MA
Stacey Neumann '05 - U.S. Attorney's Office, Portland, ME
Patricia Warth '96 - Center for Community Alternatives, Syracuse, NY

The First Amendment:  Giving a Voice to Voters and Consumers

Clint Krislov '74 - Krislov & Associates, Chicago, IL
Ginger McCall '09 - Electronic Privacy Information Center, Washington, DC

Options with the Nation's Largest Legal Employer:  The Federal Government
Deborah Press '09 - Formerly:  U.S. Department of Agriculture, Animal Health and Welfare Enforcement Branch; Currently:  ASPCA 
E. Sequoyah Simermeyer '04 - Office of the Assistant Secretary, Indian Affairs, U.S. Department of the Interior, Washington, DC
Margaret Roth-Warren '06  - Office of the Senate Legislative Counsel, Washington, DC
Gregory Scopino 05 - Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Washington, DC

Juvenile Law:  Working to Improve Children's Lives
Clark Peters '92  - University of Missouri School of Social Work, Columbia, MO
Jennifer Poehlmann '96 -Vermont Children's Alliance, Burlington, VT
Andrea J. Mooney '92 -Clinical Professor of Law, Cornell Law School