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Federal Judicial Clerkships

June 2014 Judicial Clerkship Handbook


Online System for Clerkship Application and Review (OSCAR)
  • Official Website Developed by the Administrative Office of the Federal Courts
  • Judges Post Open Clerkship Positions
  • Applicants Upload Application Materials
  • Recommenders Upload Letters
  • To register:  click "start here"
Instructions for Requesting Hard-Copy and pdf Clerkship Recommendation Letters
  • Follow These Step-by-Step Instructions Each Time you Request Letters
  • Applies to Federal- and State-Court Applications.
Symplicity Clerkship Module
  • Resource for Creating Excel Spreadsheets of Judges' Mailing Addresses
  • Use Your Symplicity Log-in Information and Click "Clerkships"
Mail-Merge Instructions
  • Use With Spreadsheets Created Using Symplicity Clerkship Module
  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Creates Individually Addressed Cover Letters
Circuit Court Judge Hiring Information
  • A compilation of information from OSCAR and from phone calls to chambers
  • Completed March 5, 2014
Job Vacancies in the U.S. Court System
  • Search For Job Openings Using These Titles:  Career Law Clerk, Judicial Law Clerk, Staff Attorney, Supervisory Staff Attorney, U.S. Magistrate Judge
Federal Court Jurisdictional Map
  • Geographic Boundaries of the United States Courts of Appeal and District Courts
Judicial Nominations and Confirmations
  • Senate Judiciary Committee's Official Web Page
  • For Current Congressional Session, Click on Links at Bottom of Page
Judicial Nominations and Confirmations (Yale)
  • Database of Federal Judicial Nominations and Confirmations
  • Status and Address Information
  • Links to Other Nominations Resources
Almanac of the Federal Judiciary
  • Located on Westlaw; Use Westlaw Password
  • Search for a Database: "Almanac of the Federal Judiciary"
  • Profiles Circuit, District and Key Bankruptcy and Magistrate Judges
  • Provides Biographical Information, Noteworthy Rulings, Lawyer Evaluations and Media Coverage
  • Links to Relevant Articles by and About Judges
  • Provides Details About Judges' Dockets, Jury Verdicts and Settlements
  • Select Drop-Down Menu "Research" at Top Left
  • Select "Litigation Profile Suite"
  • Select "Judge" and Enter Name
Maintaining the Public Trust:  Ethics for Federal Judicial Law Clerks
  • Brochure published in 2011 by the Federal Judicial Center
Clerkships with Administrative Law Judges
  • Hiring Practices of Administrative Law Judges
  • Excel Spreadsheet Compiled by NALP
  • Current as of August 2013
Clerkships and International Students
  • NALP Article
  • Considers Visa Issues and Application Strategies