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The Environmental Law Society (ELS) is an independent student organization at Cornell Law School.  ELS promotes interest in and awareness of environmental law at Cornell University.

The Environmental Law Society works to increase environmental law curriculum and scholarship. Through an executive board, ELS provides sustainability initiatives, environmental law programming, research opportunities, community service, and outreach.


President - Sergio Rudin (
Vice President
- Emily Rockett (
- Danielle Coffey (; Adam Augusiak-Boro (
- Nicholas Planty (
Community Service Chair
- Chris Engler (
Sustainability Chair
- Chris Engler (
Chair of the Board
- Ben W. Tettlebaum (
3L Board Member
- Erin Agee (
Online Resources Manager
- James Hicks (


Community Service

ELS is committed to advancing educational opportunities for Cornell Law students as well as promoting environmental awareness and sustainability in the larger community.  To this end, ELS organizes a variety of conservation projects in the area and provides legal assistance programs with the Finger Lakes Land Trust and the Community Environmental Defense Council.

ELS worked with Cornell Dining and Cornell Law School to establish composting in Hughes Dining Hall and Saperston Student Lounge. ELS is working with other student organizations to decrease the university's environmental footprint and is always looking for new ideas.

In addition to the programming, service, and sustainability efforts outlined above, ELS is also working to advance the future of environmental law at Cornell Law School.

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