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Environmental Law Online Resource Center
Supported by a generous small grant from the Institute for the Social Sciences.

This resource page is the beginning of a larger project on behalf of the Environmental Law Society, the Cornell Water Law Clinic, and the Cornell Land Use Clinic.  We plan to compile useful, well-supported research representing myriad legal perspectives on current and emerging environmental and energy issues.  

If you have research about shale gas development that you believe is relevant for publication on this site, please contact James Hicks (, Online Resource Manager.  Material must be supported by citations.

Shale Gas Development

Gas Drilling Guide
by Water and Land Use Law Clinic, Spring 2010

The Pivotal Role of SEQRA in Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Development
by Alexis Saba, Spring 2010

New York Gas Pipelines
by Bill Garthwaite & Katerina Barquet, Summer 2010

Gas Drilling - Impact on Roads
by Michelle Mitchell, Spring 2011

Hydraulic Fracturing and Subsurface Trespass
by Colleen Lamarre, Spring 2011

External Links:

September 2011 Revised Draft SGEIS, available for public comment through 12/12/11
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Helpful Webinar on the September 2011 Revised Draft SGEIS
Cornell University Cooperative Extension, Community & Regional Development Institute

Marcellus Shale Information
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

1992 GEIS on Oil, Gas, and Solution Mining Program
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Pipeline Procedures
New York State Department of Public Service

Hydraulic Fracturing Study Plan
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Energy Policy Act of 2005
U.S. Government Printing Office

Water Resources and Natural Gas Production from the Marcellus Shale
by Daniel J. Soeder and William M. Kappel, U.S. Geological Survey

Water Resource Management

Improving Drinking Water Distribution under Increasing Global and Regional Economic Integration (and JLPP blog post)
by Bill Garthwaite
2011 Cornell Law Library Prize for Exemplary Student Research

Stormwater Management in the Rural New York Headwater Areas of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed
by Keith Porter & Yen P. Hoang
Copyright © Issue 1 Volume 21 2010, The Journal of Water Law, Lawtext Publishing Limited

Water Stress in New York State: The Regional Imperative?
by Sorell Negro & Keith Porter
Copyright © Issue 1 Volume 20 2009, The Journal of Water Law, Lawtext Publishing Limited