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Volume 50 Number 2

Spring 2017


Four Unconstitutional Constitutions and their Democratic Foundations
Richard Albert

U.S. Nonprofit Activity in Cuba: The Cuban Context
Elizabeth Brundige, Lucía Domínguez Cisneros, Eduardo M. Peñalver & Laura Spitz

Treaty of Tordesillas Syndrome: Sovereignty ad Absurdum and the South China Sea Arbitration
Christopher R. Rossi 

A Complicated Alchemy: Theorizing Identity Politics and the Politicization of Migrant Remittances Under Donald Trump's Presidency
Stephen Wilks


Truth or Dare: A Framework for Analyzing Credibility in Children Seeking Asylum
Karen Elizabeth Smeda

Rape in War: Prosecuting the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and Boko Haram for Sexual Violence Against Women
David Sverdlov