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Volume 47 Number 2 Spring 2014


Perils of the Parity: Palestine's Permanent Transition
Zinaida Miller

Refusing to Negotiate: Analyzing the Legality and Practicality of a Piracy Ransom Ban
Yvonne M. Dutton & Jon Bellish

Child Sex Abuse Within the Family in Sub-Sharan Africa: Challenges and Change in Current Legal and Mental Health Responses
Cynthia Grant Bowman & Elizabeth Brundige


For Better or For Worse?  The Forced Marriage of Sovereignty and Self-Determination
Nora Y. S. Ali

Negotiating Regulatory Coherence: The Costs and Consequences of Disparate Regulatory Principles in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement Between the United States and the European Union
T. Sandra Fung

The Dragon Mirrors the Eagle: Why China Should Look to U.S. Antitrust Law in Determining How to Treat Vertical Price-Fixing
John Z Ren