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Volume 49 Number 3

Fall  2016


Mind the Gap: A Systematic Approach to the International Criminal Court's Arrest Warrants Enforcement Program
Nadia Banteka

Substantive Equality and Sexual Orientation: Twenty Years of Gay and Lesbian Rights Adjudication Under the South African Constitution
Eric C. Christiansen

From the Court to the Classroom: International Judicial Education and Training
Toby S. Goldbach

Congressional and Presidential War Powers as a Dialogue: Analysis of the Syrian and ISIS Conflicts
Charles Tiefer & Kathleen Clark


Judicial Enforcement of Socioeconomic Rights: A Comparison Between Transformative Projects in India and South Africa
Natasha G. Menell

Show Me the Money: Evaluating Personal Jurisdiction over Foreign Nonparty Banks in Light of the Gucci Case
Xin Xu