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Volume 47 Number 3 Fall  2014

2014 Symposium
Never the Twain: Emerging U.S.-Chinese Business Law Relations


China's Financial System and the Law
Franklin Allen & Jun "QJ" Qian

Settling International Business Disputes With China: Then and Now
Jerome A. Cohen

Chinese Style VIEs : Continuing to Sneak under Smog?
Li Guo

Reverse Cross-listingsThe Coming Race to List in Emerging Markets and an Enhanced Understanding of Classical Bonding
Nicholas Calcina Howson & Vikramaditya S. Khanna

The Political Logic of Corporate Governance in China's State-owned Enterprises
Jiangyu Wang

Bureaucratic Politics and China's Anti-Monopoly Law
Angela Huyue Zhang


Behind the Mirage in the Desert—Customary Land Rights and the Legal Framework of Land Grabs
Fatmata S. Kabia

The Caribbean Court of Justice: A Horizontally and Vertically Comparative Study of the Caribbean's First Independent and Interdependent Court
Andrew N. Maharajh

Defining the "Sovereign" in the Dual Sovereignty Exception: Does the Protection Against Double Jeopardy Bar Successive Prosecution in National and International Courts?
Daniel A. Principato