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Forthcoming Issue: Volume 25 Number 3 Spring 2016


Vilifying the Vigilante: A Narrowed Scope of Citizen's Arrest
Ira P. Robbins

Wage Compression as a Democratic Ideal
Stephen Plass

Tipping the Pickering Balance: A Proposal for Heightened First Amendment Protection for the Teaching and Scholarship of Public University Professors
Joseph J. Martins


Would a Corporate "Death Penalty" Be Cruel and Unusual Punishment?
Drew Isler Grossman

It's Common Sense: Why the Common Core is not Coercive
Jeremy Bachrach Siegfried

25th Anniversary

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy
Jeffrey Ng

The Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy: Celebrating 25 Years
Jeffrey J. Rachlinski

Remarks from the Volume 1 Board of Editors
Maria Fernandez-Williams & Nicky Goren