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Lay Participation in Law International Research Collaborative

The "Lay Participation in Law International Research Collaborative" is a transnational collaborative team dedicated to research on the phenomenon of lay participation in court systems and the fundamental sociolegal issues that it raises.  The IRC, comprised of members from Argentina, Canada, England, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Spain and the USA, shares information vital to the creation of jury systems, mixed tribunals and other ways of citizen involvement in legal systems worldwide.  The IRC is organized by Professor Valerie Hans of Cornell University Law School under the auspices of the Law and Society Association.


Fellow CRN4 Friends and Colleagues-

The Annual LSA meeting is approaching, and we wanted to give you a sense of the activity surrounding our CRN on Lay Participation.  Our big day is Thursday, May 29 and early Friday, May 30. Click here for the list of panels on Thursday, which begin bright and early at 8:15AM and run throughout the day, right up until the evening reception.  We have two co-sponsored panels with CRN33, East Asian Law and Society. 

On Friday at 8:15AM, we will be holding a business meeting for our group in the Hilton Board Room #3.  Please try to attend.  This is not only a way to try to plan and update, but it also serves as a signal to LSA that we are a healthy, vibrant group.  Feel free to eat your breakfast ahead of time, or you are welcome to "bring your own" (BYO) in terms of breakfast (no shame to eat in front of us!). Coffee in hand or not, we do hope you can join us.

Because Valerie, Sanja and I all have complicated travel schedules this time around, we were not able to schedule a dinner out for one of the nights.  But we hope you will use the sessions and even the business meeting to look for opportunities to gather more informally to go out on the town together.

See you in a few short weeks!

-Mary (with Sanja and Valerie)