Parking--General and Mobility Impaired

General Parking:
Parking permits are required Monday-Friday on the University campus. Please stop at an information booth at each entrance to campus to pay for and pick up a visitor parking permit.

Saturday and Sunday there is open parking in most, but not all, spaces. Please pay close attention to signage.

Sunday's Ceremony--General parking:
Parking will be available in the University garage or any other open space. There will be a shuttle between the garage and Bailey beginning at noon with the last pick up at the garage at 1:30. Shuttle service will also continue following the ceremony throughout the reception between Bailey Hall, Myron Taylor Hall and the parking garage.

Mobility Impaired Parking:
In order to park in designated "handicapped" parking spaces during Convocation weekend (Saturday and/or Sunday) you need a state issued permit or handicap symbol on your license plate. If you do not have either one, you need to contact Transportation Services at 607-255-4600 and mention the "Law School Convocation" to obtain the necessary permit. If, however, you will be on campus Thursday and/or Friday, you need to arrange for a Cornell-issued handicap parking permit in addition to the state-issued permit-please follow same instructions above. This must be finalized no later than Monday, May 3.

Sunday's Ceremony--Mobility Impaired Parking:
There will be mobility impaired parking for the ceremony in and around the Bailey Hall area and at Myron Taylor Hall following ceremony for the reception.  Students need to make arrangements by May 3 to obtain a mobility impaired parking permit. Please contact Linda Majeroni via e-mail or by phone 607-255-6536.