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Event Planning Guidelines--Program Events

Guidelines for "program" events involving in-house or outside speaker(s)--from one speaker to many.

First Step


  • Contact Linda Majeroni or phone 255-6536 to put event in motion.
  • Linda will make hotel reservations, contact caterers to make sure there are no major conflicts (these items can be canceled if necessary).
  • Meet with Linda and go over all the particulars of the event.
  • After meeting with Linda, prepare an actual hard-copy budget identifying income sources and expenses (pls note the Law School does not pay honoria, speakers fees, etc.).
  • Please note, the Law School does not pay speaker fees/honorariums.
  • Contact Dean Markeisha Miner to establish Law School support for speaker, symposium or other type special event.
  • Seek & secure financial support from other University and external* sources.
  • *Note: For external sources outside the University (i.e. donations/grants/foundations), please see Peter Cronin, Assoc. Dean External Relations, room 261, ph: 5-3373


  • After budget is reviewed by Linda, submit prepared budget to Dean Markeisha Miner for approval and signature.
  • Submit a copy of the approved and signed budget to Linda.
  • Provide copies of confirmation letters from funding sources to Linda, who will follow up with them to make sure the funds are received.
  • Once final approval is received, submit names, phone numbers, e-mail address of guests to Linda to make travel arrangements.


  • Continue to seek and secure financial support from outside sources.
  • Follow up with Linda regarding restaurant and other similar arrangements that she will make.
  • Students assess guests/participants for any special dietary needs and pass on to Linda who will work with caterers/restaurants to accommodate guests.
  • Contact the A.V. Department if audo/visual services are needed. Please click here to access the IT Department's on-line form. Please be sure to hit the "submit" button to complete the process. Please note, ten business day advance notice required for weekends and holidays, two business days for regular week day. The AV request tied to the room reservation system is also active and working. It is a preferred way to request AV along with a room request. You can expect a confirmation once the event has been entered into our AV schedule. If you have questions or are making last minute requests please email for guidance. Also remember that we schedule hundreds of events during a semester and require 2 days notice for Mon- Fri 8am – 4:30pm events. After hour events require 10 days notice to give us time to hire outside support if needed.
  • Performance Agreement Release Form---must be secured from ALL guests and turned in to the IT Department.
  • Make assignments to group members for publicity, programs, posters, etc. To receive funds from sponsors, it is required that the sponsors be listed on all flyers, e-mails, posters, etc.
  • According to her availability, you may contact Martha Fitzgerald (255-6596) for desktop publishing assistance/guidance.
  • Continue to meet with Linda throughout the planning/arrangement process.
  • Make assignments to group members to host each guest (i.e. airport pick up, transportation to and from hotel, restaurants, etc.).
  • Make assignments to group members to pick up food, make coffee, etc. if necessary.
  • Receive from Linda all the guests air travel itineraries--if arrangements were made through her.
  • Receive from Linda a welcome packet for each guest
  • Sit back and enjoy all your hard work--it will be a great success!