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Event Planning Guidelines--Social Events

Guidelines for social events such as a student group organizational meeting with pizza, an after class social, etc.

  • Meet with student group officers/members and plan event.
  • Select date, time and place (check school's web based calendar to avoid conflicts--scroll down to the "calendar" portion of web site)..
  • To make a room reservation, click "here" for instructions and link.  Request any law school support via the MRM when making the room reservation.
    Fill out and submit to Linda Majeroni (room 138) the "Student Activity Funding Request" form and if applicable, food requests (food forms located outside office door, room 138--choose applicable form)
  • All student event requests for the following month, must be in by the 15th of the previous month, i.e. Events for November must be submitted by October 15th (requirement waived for the month of September).
  • Please note that pizza can be ordered from any venue you wish and direct billing, in most cases, can be arranged. Proceed as follows after receive funding approval.
  • Work with Linda (255-6536) on details, i.e. food, supplies, etc.
  • Include "Co-sponsored by GPSAFC" on all e-mail, flyers, etc. announcing event and give a copy to Linda. (Required by GPSAFC in order to use those funds).
  • See Linda if you or any member of organization needs to be reimbursed--please be sure and keep ALL itemized receipts.