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Guidelines for Bringing Judges to the Law School--other than Moot Court


1. Obtain written approval from Karen Comstock, Assistant Dean. This will involve a discussion of date(s).

2. Reserve a room with Lisa Carberry, room 144 MTH.  Reserve a place for a reception, if needed.

3. See Linda Majeroni, room 138 MTH, to confirm the date on the events calendar. Linda will also work with you to reserve a hotel room and make travel arrangements for the judge.

4. See Martha Fitzgerald, room 117 MTH, to discuss publicity, posters, etc.

5. Discuss your plan with your faculty adviser.  S/he may wish to have a role in the event.

6. Once the judge has been invited and has accepted the invitation, notify the administrative dean whom you have been working with. The administrative dean will ask you for the following details. Please note that it is your responsibility to make these arrangements and be able to answer these questions:

a) Exact time the judge is arriving in Ithaca. If by air, who is picking up at the airport and who will be taking the judge back to the airport.

b) When will the judge meet with Dean Peñalver?

c) When will the judge meet with Vice Dean Holden-Smith? Note that in connection with the judge's visit, you will be expected to contact Liz Flint (5-3539, es232) and Rosemary Lacey (5-0565, rtl1) to see if Deans Peñalver and Holden-smith are available to welcome the judge to Cornell Law.

d) What role will your faculty adviser have?

e) What other plans have been made for the judge?

f) Meal plans—where and what time has Linda Majeroni made reservations and for whom?

g) Details of the judge's talk, title of program and location. Who will introduce the judge to the audience? Has the introducer been provided with background information sufficient to write an appropriate introduction?

Good luck and have fun.  Please feel free to ask the administrative deans for any further advice.

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