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Student Travel Guidelines

Student Travel Policy

For students traveling to moot court competitions, student group conferences, etc. in addition to obtaining prior approval from Deans Lukingbeal or DeRosa an "Agreement/Release" form must be signed prior to departure and turned in to Linda Majeroni in Room 138. If this form is not signed, the student will not be reimbursed for travel. All students traveling must come see Linda prior to departure.

Travel Guidelines

1. Contact Linda Majeroni (255-6536) prior to traveling to ensure complying with all requirements, identify funding sources and have Linda either make the travel arrangements or prepare documentation for student(s) to receive "cash advance". Please note that students must make their own hotel reservations and either be reimbursed after the trip or apply for a cash advance prior to the trip---either way, the traveler MUST obtain an itemized receipt for all expenses including those items that a cash advance covers.

2. Fill out and turn in the Agreement/Release for Student Travel form to Linda, room 138. If this form is not filled out prior to departure, traveler will not be reimbursed.

3. In most cases, meals/food expenses cannot be reimbursed.

4. All travelers must obtain itemized receipts. If an itemized receipt is not obtained for any transactions, traveler must list out everything purchased for each transaction, including tax. (Example: 1 subway ticket; registration for X conference, etc.)

5. Cornell does not reimburse sales tax when traveling inside New York State--get a tax-exempt form from Room 257 or contact Linda to request one.

6. Additional Student Travel Tips and Reimbursement Procedures