Avon Global Center for Women and Justice at Cornell Law School - Burnt Umber Background

Director's Message

Violence against women, or gender-based violence, is one of the most pervasive human rights violations affecting individuals, families and communities across the globe.  One in three women will suffer from some form of violence in her lifetime.  The mission of the Avon Global Center for Women and Justice at Cornell Law School is to work with judges, legal professionals, governmental and non-governmental organizations to improve access to justice in an effort to eliminate violence against women and girls.  In furtherance of this mission, we promote dialogue among the judiciary, governments and civil society. 

Although gender-based violence can take many forms in different corners of the world, many of the barriers to securing justice are shared experiences.  Recognizing the global nature of the problem, we provide legal resources on gender-based violence and provide direct legal research assistance to judges.  Additionally, we engage in a number of selected projects in cooperation with judges, professionals and organizations in countries across the globe. 

Thank you for your interest in our work.

Elizabeth Brundige
Executive Director