Avon Global Center for Women and Justice at Cornell Law School - Burnt Umber Background

Our Work

The Avon Global Center for Women and Justice undertakes four major initiatives in furtherance of its mission.

Clinical Projects: The Center undertakes clinical projects developed with judges, legal professionals, and organizations to improve access to justice for survivors of gender-based violence.  Projects may include designing training programs, investigating and reporting on relevant issues, and promoting effective implementation of laws relating to gender-based violence.

Legal Research Support for Judges: The Center promotes the implementation of international and domestic laws relating to gender-based violence by providing judges throughout the world with legal research support on these issues.  The Center accepts requests from judges around the world to conduct pro bono legal research on issues relating to women, violence, and access to justice.  Research may include provision of topical resources or more in-depth analysis of discrete issues.  To request additional information and/or research or technical assistance from the Center, please visit the Research and Project Assistance page.

Women & Justice Collection: The Center's database provides an online library of legal resources, such as international laws, domestic laws, articles and reports on gender-based violence. 

Conferences and Events: The Center hosts an annual conference and other events for judges, legal professionals and advocates.  These events are an opportunity to, among other things, exchange ideas and best practices for securing justice for survivors of gender-based violence.