First Amendment Clinic

First Amendment Clinic

The First Amendment Clinic provides students interested in the fields of freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of press, freedom of information, and freedom of religion with the opportunity to enrich their understanding of these vital rights in this tumultuous time by working on cutting-edge litigation, advocacy, and policy work.

Starting in Spring 2019, students will represent the interests of news outlets, journalists, researchers and other newsgatherers in aid of their critical function of reporting and communicating important news and information, as well as human rights advocates, political activists, and other individuals targeted based on their expression. Students will develop a range of skills, including: 1) Conducting intakes and vetting potential cases that could have significant impact on existing law; 2) Interviewing clients and supporting fact and expert witnesses; 3) Conducting in-depth offensive and defensive legal research; 4) Drafting and editing party and amicus briefs; 5) Appearing in court; 6) Drafting press releases and blog and other social media posts; 7) Conducting legislative and policy analysis; and 8) Working collaboratively in a team-based environment.

If you believe you have a matter that the clinic should take on, please contact our Assistant Director, Cortelyou Kenney:, to set up an intake.

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