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Protest and Civil Disobedience Defense Practicum

Litigation: students will participate in the representation of defendants arrested in connection with protest and civil disobedience activities. Depending on case assignment and litigation needs, students will participate in representation of protest defendants in an advisory capacity before events, in local criminal court proceedings, appellate proceedings or federal civil rights litigation in New York, and/or will support the work of attorneys representing protest defendants on mass defense efforts out-of-state by assisting with interviews, research and drafting. The course classroom component will revolve around developing skills, approaches and strategies for legal representation in the protest context. Special attention will be paid to the unique challenges and opportunities involved in mass arrests and ongoing civil disobedience movements. Class discussions will also focus on the role and legal ramifications of civil disobedience in the United States. Core skills advanced include: interviewing and counseling clients, factual investigation, basic and advanced legal research and writing, case analysis and strategy development, trial preparation, witness preparation, and potentially appellate practice.