The Changing Politics of Central Banking


Shuhei Aoki, Former Head of Payment System Policy with Bank of Japan

Alan Blinder, Professor of Economics, Princeton University and Former; Former Vice Chairman, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve

Arthur Grimes, Former Chairman of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Koichi Hamada, Tuntex Professor Emeritus of Economics, Yale University 

Otto Heinz, Head of the Financial Law Division, European Central Bank 

Gwang-ju Rhee, Former Deputy Governor of the Bank of Korea
Adam Posen, President, Peterson Institute, Former Member, Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee

Tetsuya Sakamoto, Chief Representative for the Americas, Bank of Japan

Duvvuri Subbarao, Former Governor, Reserve Bank of India

Wataru Takahashi, Former Director, Institute for Monetary & Economic Policy, Bank of Japan

Masanori Tanabe, Former Governor of the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan

Gillian Tett, US Managing Editor of the Financial Times

Paul Tucker, Former Deputy Governor of the Bank of England