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Convocation 2017 RSVP

Please Register here for Convocation 2017

1) Enter your name as it is spelled and how you would like it announced (include middle initial, no initial, full middle name, nickname or given name, Jr., II, III?,  etc.)
2) Enter phonetically how your name is pronounced--see note "Name Announcement at Convocation" for instructions.
3) Indicate your degree category.
4) Please indicate if there are mobility impaired needs.  If "yes" is chosen, Linda Majeroni will contact you via e-mail to get your essential details and to relay instructions.
5) Finally, include your e-mail address.  


Your name will be announced as you cross the stage at Convocation.
Please spell out your name phonetically (show accents, long sounds, short sounds, syllable accent(s) by using all caps, etc., and/or list rhyming words for clarification---as in Cole rhymes with "mole", etc.)
Examples: Chiwetel Ejiofor phonetically pronounced:  CHOO-ih-tell   EDGE-ee-oh-for
Mia Wasikowska phonetically pronounced:  MEE-uh VAH-shee-KOF-ska