Upcoming events:

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Cornell University Migrations Initiative Brown Bag Seminar Series


Representative past events:

George Washington University, University Alliance for Refugees & At-Risk Migrants, November 2019.

Rutgers University, University Alliance for Refugees & At-Risk Migrants, July 2018.

Universidad de Pacifico, Los Derechos Humanos son derechos de los migrants, Los Derechos De Los Migrantes son derechos humanos, July 2017.

Georgetown University Law Center, From Family Detention to Freedom, October 2014.

Georgetown University Law Center, Regional Trends: The protection and welfare of migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees throughout the Americas Region, October 2014.

United Nations High Level Dialogue on InternationalMigration and Development, Civil Society Days Side Event, October 2013.

Georgetown University Law Center, International Migrants Bill of Rights Indicators, February 2013 (Georgetown Immigration Law Journal Symposium).

Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, International Migrants Bill of Rights Initiative, March 2011.

Open Society Foundations, The International Migrants Bill of Rights: Civil Society Activism in the Governance of Migration, September 2011.

Georgetown University Law Center, A Draft International Migrants Bill of Rights, March 2010 (Georgetown Immigration Law Journal Symposium).