The Society for Empirical Legal Studies (SELS)

Events of Note

2020 CELS-Europe
June 11-12, 2020
University of Oslo
Hosted by the Forum for Law and Social Science,University of Oslo
Paper submission deadline March 1, 2020
2020 CELS-Europe information here

ComplianceNet 2020 Conference
June 29-30, 2020
University College London School of Public Policy/Department of Political Science
UCL Global Governance Institute
Paper submission deadline January 24, 2020
ComplianceNet 2020 Conference information here

2021 CELS-Asia
July 27-July 29, 2021
Hosted by Academia Sinica
Taipei, Taiwan
More information here
Endogenous Rules, Risk & Legal Institutions Workshop

News & Announcements

SELS Open Letter to USN&W Reports on Proposed New Ranking Method

Journal Rankings: Google Scholar and Washington and Lee comparison may be found here. ABDC 2019 Journal Quality List A* ranking may be found here

Anu Bradford, Adam Chilton, Katerina Linos, and Alexander Weaver, "The Global Dominance of European Competition Law Over American Antitrust Law" in Reuters

John Donohue, Abhay Aneja, and Kyle Weber, "Right-to-Carry Laws and Violent Crime: A Comprehensive Assessment Using Panel Data and a State-Level Synthetic Control Analysis" JELS 16:2 Buzz Feed News

"Judicial Retirements and the Staying Power of U.S. Supreme Court Decisions" by Stuart Minor Benjamin and Georg Vanberg, JELS 13:1 in the Boston Globe, Washington Post

"Forecasting Domestic Violence: A Machine Learning Approach to Help Inform Arraignment Decisions", by Richard A. Berk, Susan B. Sorenson and Geoffrey Barnes in PsychCentral, HealthCanal,, Medindia, Medical News Today, Science Daily, EurekAlert!, Bloomberg View, ScienceCodex

"Do Racial Preferences Affect Minority Learning in Law Schools?" by Doug Williams. JELS 10:2 in The Wall Street Journal



Conference on Empirical Legal Studies (CELS) 2020
University of Toronto Law School
October 2 - 3, 2020

More information about CELS 2020 coming soon here