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Xueping Xiang PhD Student, China, 2017-18
Photo of Xueping Xiang

Professional Biography

Xueping Xiang graduated from the Department of Law, Hangzhou University (now named Zhejiang University) and received a Bachelor of Economic Law, a master's degree and Ph.D. from Zhejiang University. Ms. Xiang is currently an assistant professor at Hangzhou Normal University. She is an enthusiastic and progressive woman with extremely high potential, not only quick at learning and good at solving difficult problems but also possesses a logical mind that enables her to effectively analyze difficulties. Ms. Xiang's research field enlarged from economic law to international economic law and international law.


Hangzhou Normal University

Focus of Study

Law of the Sea. She is also focusing on the legal problems of the development of mineral resources in the International Seabed Area, including the development of the common heritage of humankind principle and its dilemma, centering on the benefit-sharing mechanism, protection and preservation of marine environment and the relationship between them.