Rusbel Ricardo Ortiz Dicelis

, Colombia, 2018-Fall
Photo of Rusbel Ricardo Ortiz Dicelis

Professional Biography

Rusbel Ricardo Ortiz Dicelis is a lawyer, teacher, and professor in his country. He was born in Colombia. Currently, He is holding a position as a Scholar Visiting at Cornell Law University (Fall 2018). Before arriving at Cornell, He taught in the Chair of Ethics at the Faculty of Law of the Universidad de Los Andes (2014-II to 2018-II); he also taught in the Chair of Professional Ethics and Disciplinary Regulations of Law at Faculty of Law in the Universidad el Bosque (Colombia) for 2 years. In addition, He has served in the Educational Public Service in Colombia from 2017- 2018, in this position he served as a teacher of subjects as Philosophy, Social Sciences, and Political Science, and coordinator of staff teaching at some Schools (Colombia). He also has participated in some social and educational projects of education for adults in some local communities in Bogotá (Colombia). He is a Ph.D. Candidate in Law from Universidad de Los Andes (Colombia). He holds a Master´s degree in Management and Evaluation of Education from Universidad Externado de Colombia (2012). He has a postgraduate degree in Pedagogical and teaching skills (2008). In addition, His M.Sc. Dissertation got an Outstanding Grade by Externado de Colombia University, Colombia (2012) and he also has received an honorable mention from the Ethics Research Center form La Gran Colombia University - Bogotá, Colombia (2005). On the course of his professional life, Rusbel Ricardo has researched and explored numerous topics ranging from jurisprudence, disciplinary procedures for students in junior and high schools, human rights, legal education to social and legal behavior.

Law School

University of the Andes

Focus of Study

Education Law, Legal Education, Sociology of Law, and Anthropology of Law. His current research project focuses on to analyze How law shapes social and educational beliefs, discourses, legal behaviors at some local schools from the Public Education System in Bogotá (Colombia). This project aims to exam how law influences and promotes changes in educational practices to face issues as Bullying, minor crimes, disciplinary procedures and at some public high schools.