Zhonglong Zhao

, China, Sep/07/2018-AUG/10/2019
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Professional Biography

1.Law School, Yunnan University Yunnan, China Associate Professor Commercial Law Corporate Law Securities Regulation 2.Yunnan Civil and Commercial law Society Executive Vice President Regular consulting work for the Yunnan Province legislators and Local governments 3.Renmin University of China, Law School Beijing, China Doctor of Law, Major in Economic Law General Theory to Economic Law and Commercial Law Corporate Law Property Law Theory

Law School

Yunnan University Law School

Focus of Study

1. On the Evolution of Limited Liability in China, Using the framework of the legal evolution, governing capital markets as an example to illustrate the law-in-action, reviewing personality between China and US, in the perspective of reallocating residual lawmaking and residual law enforcement powers from courts to regulators. 2. On the Historical Evolution of Property in China’s Inner Asia, Agricultural civilization did not spread into these Inner Asian regions because they were not suited to.