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Theresa Krueggeler

JSD candidate Theresa Krueggeler smiling ona  grey background
Theresa Krueggeler

Theresa Krueggeler is a Doctor of the Science of Law (J.S.D.) candidate at Cornell Law School. She holds previous degrees from Católica Global School of Law, Portugal (LL.M., Law in a Global and European Context) and Maastricht University (BA, European Studies). Her current research focusses on Alternative Dispute Resolution as a field of practice and theory, centering specifically on mediation and negotiation.

Her dissertation, tentatively titled "Mediating Power and the Power in Mediation:  Towards an Integrative Theory of Alternative Dispute Resolution," examines the development and current state of ADR in the United States. It investigates the theoretical concepts at work in dispute resolution, as well as the reasons for the field's production of research that is chiefly pragmatic and pragmatist in orientation. She is interested in the wider socio-legal and political issues at stake in dispute resolution, as well as the application of ADR techniques to public disputes.

She has been a Cornell Law Graduate Fellow (2012-14), and has received the CALI Excellence for the Future Award, for the Law School Research Colloquium (2012). She is trained as a mediator in various settings, including on the community level and in the employment context. She is currently a Visiting Scholar at the Institute for Environmental Negotiation at the University of Virginia.


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