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Cornell Law School Podcasts

The best way to get the true sense of Cornell Law School is of course to visit Ithaca and spend time at the law school. Another way to "experience" the law school is to surf this website, watch our video collection, view the pictures and listen to the podcasts below.

The podcasts will cover various aspects of the Cornell Law School experience to better give you a sense of why the law school is such a unique academic environment.


2006 Admitted Student Day Presentation Highlights

During the spring of 2006, the law school welcome numerous admitted students to Ithaca for one of three Admitted Student Days. We invite you to listen to a few of the various panel presentations ranging from our Career Services Office to Financial Aid Office.


Welcome by Dean Stewart Schwab, the Allan Tessler Dean of the law school.


Liz Peck, Director of the Law School Career Services Offce, discusses searching for a private sector employment.

Karen Comstock, Assistant Dean for Public Service, discusses the law school's commitment to public sector employment and the resources available from her office.


Karla Vargas, Financial Aid Counselor, provides a broad overview (in 4 sections) of the financial aid process at the law school.

- Budgeting

- Private Loans

- Federal Loans

- Grants

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