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Post-Graduate Fellowships

Post-graduate fellowships provide financial support in lieu of salary to Law School alumni working in public-interest legal jobs, foreign-country or international courts, or under other circumstances that preclude adequate compensation. In each instance, the nature of the work and the educative opportunity it offers merit financial support.

French Court Clerkship, Paris, France

Every September, a graduate of Cornell Law School, often a degree-holder of the LL.M. or the J.D./Maîtrise en Droit dual degree, begins a 10-month appointment as judicial clerk to a French court. At present, the clerkship is in the Conseil d'État, France's highest administrative court. To accomplish sophisticated legal research and writing on complex topics in comparative law, the clerk to the Conseil d'État must have excellent foreign-language fluency as well as the finest legal training.

The first Cornell Law School alumnus was appointed to a French-court clerkship for the 2008-2009 term. Each alumnus or alumna who has held such a position has performed its duties with exceptional acumen and skill, winning praise from the judges who preside on the court.

Costs of the Clerkship

The costs associated with the clerkship at the Conseil d'État include the clerk's salary and a relocation stipend. The salary is transferred by Cornell Law School to the Conseil d'État in a lump-sum and the court pays the clerk. The relocation stipend covers some portion of the cost of the clerk's move to Paris. Cornell Law School pays this stipend directly to the clerk.

Funding the clerkship- Tax-Efficient Gifts

Alumni and friends of Cornell Law School who have residency in the United States can make a gift designated exclusively to the Conseil d'État clerkship by using the Make a Gift page on the Law School's Web site.

  • Go to "Make a Gift"
  • Click "Give to the Cornell Law School Annual Fund"
  • Enter the gift amount in dollars
  • Click the arrow to the right of "Law School Annual Fund" and select "Other" from the drop-down list ("Law School Annual Fund" will disappear)
  • In the empty box to the right of "Other designation or special instructions," type, "Gift to Post-Graduate Clerkship for French Judicial Service" or "Gift to support French court clerkship."
  • Click "Add" and the Web page will record your gift.

Like every gift to Cornell Law School, a gift in support of the Post-Graduate Clerkship for French Judicial Service qualifies for a tax deduction under federal tax law.

Alumni and friends with residency in France or who otherwise owe a tax obligation to France can make a tax-efficient gift to the Clerkship through the Fondation de France. This process requires the assistance of Eileen Flood, administrator of the Cornell University Foundation (UK) Ltd.

  • Eileen Flood will shepherd your gift through the Fondation de France to the French bank account of the Cornell University Foundation (UK) Ltd.
  • By this means, gifts made in euros by French taxpayers within France will always remain in France for the purpose of funding a nonprofit purpose of benefit to France. This array of circumstances qualifies the donor for tax-relief under French tax law.
  • Ms. Flood will provide a gift receipt for tax purposes to each donor.

To communicate with Eileen Flood about tax-efficient charitable giving to Cornell Law School through the Fondation de France and Cornell University Foundation (UK) Ltd., please write to her at or telephone her at (020) 7502-2813.

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