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A. Robert Noll Distinguished Professor of LawMarie Underhill Noll B.A. '26 (Arts) established this professorship in honor of her husband, A. Robert Noll, in 1978, stating in a letter to Cornell University President Frank H. T. Rhodes, "In the designation of a permanent incumbent, consideration shall be given to the areas of principal interest to A. Robert Noll: patent and international law."  A. Robert Noll was a graduate of Penn State University and received his J.D. from New York University School of Law.  He was director of the patent department of IBM Corporation; vice-president and director of the U.S. Trademark Association; and governor of State Patent Law Association.  Marie Underhill Noll was a member of the Advisory Council of the College of Arts and Sciences, and of the Cornell University Council.

The first holder of the A. Robert Noll Professorship was John J. Barceló III.  The current Noll Professor is Stephen Garvey.

Radice Family Professorship

The Radice Family Professorship is held by "an outstanding member of the school's faculty in any field of law, or an individual or a distinguished professor ... recruited externally, with a preference for expertise and distinction in any of the fields of intellectual property, information and technology law."  Established in 2019 by gifts of Anthony "Tony" M. Radice, A.B. 1966, J.D. 1969, and his wife Patricia Crown, Esq.  Tony Radice was a longtime partner of Morrison & Foerster in the firm's New York City office and practiced in the area of Intellectual Property Law.  He argued before the U.S. Supreme Court in the patent-antitrust case that determined the limits of patent jurisdiction of the Federal Circuit.  Particia Crown was a solo practitioner in the area of Entertainment Law, with particular focus in theater, film, publishing, and copyright.  She earned her J.D. at New York University School of Law.  The inaugural Radice Family Professor is Chantal Thomas.

Charles Frank Reavis, Sr. ProfessorshipBrothers John W. Reavis LL.B. 1921 and C. Frank Reavis, Jr. A.B. 1918 LL.B. 1919 established this endowment fund in honor of their father, Charles Frank Reavis, Sr., "an outstanding counselor and trial lawyer in Nebraska and four-term Congressman from the state's First Congressional District."  Its founders intended the Reavis Chair to be held "by a person of national stature in the law with a preference given to a person whose teaching involves the development of skills of oral communication or legal subjects relating to litigation."  C. Frank Reavis, Jr. was a senior partner of Reavis & McGrath and a member of the Cornell University Council and the Cornell Law School Advisory Council, respectively.  He also served as chairman of the Law School Fund from 1951 to 1953.  John W. Reavis was a name partner of Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue, as well as its managing partner from 1948 to 1975.  He served on the respective boards of eleven NYSE-listed corporations, and in Cleveland, OH, was instrumental in facilitating dialogue and understanding between business leaders and representatives of the city's African-American community, with the effect of relaxing racial tensions.  John Reavis received the Medal for Public Service from the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce, and the Human Rights Award of the NAACP in recognition of his work for racial peace.

The first holder of the Charles Frank Reavis, Sr. Professorship was Charles W. Wolfram. Steven H. Shiffrin was Reavis Professor until taking Emeritus status.  The current Charles Frank Reavis, Sr., Professor is George Hay.

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This professorship, established in 2018, is the gift of Charles F. Rechlin, A.B. 1968, J.D. 1971, formerly a partner of Sullivan & Cromwell and an expert in the area of security regulations.  Charles Rechlin is a longtime and generous supporter of Cornell Law School and has also endowed the Charles F. Rechlin Scholarship and enhanced the endowment of the Herbert R. Reif Prize Fund.

The inaugural Charles F. Rechlin Professor of Law is Valerie Hans

Robert S. Stevens Professorship During his tenure at Cornell Law School, which included his serving as Dean from 1937 to 1954, Robert S. Stevens made annual contributions to "Anonymous Fund #12," the principal of which he bequeathed to Cornell Law School, along with an additional gift, when he passed away in November 1968.  By approval of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees, "Anonymous Fund #12" became the Robert S. Stevens Fund on February 18, 1969.  Additional gifts in memory of Dean Stevens from wife, Eva Howe Stevens, as well as other family members, friends and colleagues, enabled the Law School Faculty to recommend that the Stevens Fund be used to establish the Robert S. Stevens Professorship.

Walter E. Oberer was the first holder of the Stevens Chair.  Subsequent Stevens Professors include William R. Forrester and Roger C. Cramton.  The current Robert S. Stevens Professor is Michael C. Dorf.

Myron C. Taylor Alumni Professorship of Business Law
Created through the generosity of nine Cornell Law alumni, this professorship honors Myron C. Taylor, Class of 1894, and the alumni of Cornell Law School.  The Myron C. Taylor Alumni Professorship of Business Law is intended for a member of the faculty whose scholarship and teaching addresses topics and issues related to the law pertaining to corporations, financial markets and regulation, and/or other areas of business law.  The inaugural holder of the Myron C. Taylor Alumni Professorship, named in 2014, is Charles K. Whitehead. 

The Allan R. Tessler DeanshipThanks to Allan R. Tessler A.B. '58 (Arts) LL.B. '63, the Dean of Cornell Law School is the holder of a named chair.  Mr. Tessler made the commitment to endow deanship in 1994, and in 1999 the fund attained its endowment threshold.  In a letter to Cornell University President Frank H. T. Rhodes, Mr. Tessler wrote, "It is my intention that my endowment gift will not only foster the continuing excellence of the Law School for future generations of Cornellians, but that it will ensure that Cornell will continue to attract a distinguished legal scholar and administrator to serve as Dean."

Mr. Tessler is chairman and CEO of International Financial Group, Inc., an international merchant banking firm that he founded in 1987.  He is a Trustee Emeritus of Cornell University; a Presidential Councilor; a life member of the Cornell Law School Advisory Committee; and has served Cornell in more ways and in more capacities than one can easily recount, including as Chair of his 45th and 50th Reunion Campaign Major Gifts Committees, respectively.  Mr. Tessler's spouse, Frances Goudsmit Tessler A.B. '59, is a graduate of College of Arts and Sciences and was for many years a financial consultant with Smith Barney Shearson, Inc., from which she retired as a vice-president in 2000.  Of his volunteer service to Cornell, Allan Tessler has said, "These activities give me a chance to work with a lot of motivated alumni and to repay the Law School for the benefits I've been able to get in my life."  In 1991, Allan and Frances Tessler were distinguished as Foremost Benefactors of Cornell.

The first Allan R. Tessler Dean of Cornell Law School was Russell K. Osgood.  Lee E. Teitelbaum served one term as the Allan R. Tessler Dean and was succeeded by Stewart J. Schwab. The current Allan R. Tessler Dean is Eduardo M. Peñalver.

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Tessler Family Professorship of Digital and Information Law Given in 2020 by Allan R. Tessler, A.B. `58, LL.B. `63, the Tessler Family Professor is a member of the Cornell Law faculty based at the Cornell Tech Campus on Roosevelt Island, in New York City. The Tessler Family Professor specializes in legal scholarship and teaching in the law governing digital and informational science and technologies. Allan Tessler has been a leading benefactor of Cornell Law School and the greater University since the 1960s. He and his wife Frances Goudsmit Tessler, A.B. `59, are the senior members of a Cornell legacy that includes multiple generations of grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren, and extended family of Tesslers, Goudsmits, spouses, and significant others whose collective Cornell degrees mark most of the decades of the past 100 years. The inaugural Tessler Family Professor is James Grimmelmann.

Anthony W. & Lulu C. Wang Professorship in Chinese LawAnthony W. Wang and Lulu C. Wang established the Wang Professorship in Chinese Law in 2000.  A candidate for the Wang Professorship must be "a distinguished scholar who demonstrates excellence in teaching, research, and university service, and is selected by the process established by the faculty of the Cornell Law School and approved by the dean, provost, and president."

Anthony W. Wang, formerly president of Computer Associates International, is the owner of Shoreland Racing, a sports- and racing-car specialty shop that he founded in 1991.  Mr. Wang has served on the Cornell University Council.  Lulu C. Wang is founder, general partner, and CEO of Tupelo Capital Management, LLC, a privately-owned hedge fund based in New York City.  Mrs. Wang launched Tupelo Capital Management in 1998.

Xingzhong Yu is the first Anthony W. & Lulu C. Wang Professor in Chinese Law..

J. Dupratt White Professor of Law

The endowment fund of the J. Dupratt White Professorship was established in 1922 with a gift from Justin Dupratt White LL.B. 1890.  He made additional contributions in subsequent years, and on November 1, 1947 the Trustees of Cornell University earmarked the fund for the establishment of the J. DuPratt White Professorship in Cornell Law School.  The firm of White & Case, of which J. Dupratt White was a founding member, contributed $25,000 in 1949, and gifts from other individuals added to the endowment.  The Trustees of Cornell University activated the Professorship on October 20, 1950.

Holders of the J. Dupratt White Chair have included William Hogan, Alan M. Gunn J.D. '70, Jonathan R. Macey. Laura Underkuffler is the current J. DuPratt White Professor.

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Established in 2018 by a gift from an anonymous donor to honor C.S. Wong, who achieved success in business on the strength of a fierce work ethic and a commitment to finish what he had started. Having no formal education himself, C.S. Wong was a great believer in the power of education, and educators, to impart essential knowledge that gives students opportunities to achieve success and live a better life.

The inaugural C.S. Wong Professor of Law is Sherry Colb.

Edwin H. Woodruff Professor of Law

A gift to Cornell University from trustee Arthur H. Dean established this professorship in honor of former Cornell Law School Dean Edwin H. Woodruff on January 18, 1946.  On February 9, 1946, the Executive Committee directed that a bequest "received from the estate of Dean Edwin H. Woodruff for the use of the Law School be added to the Edwin H. Woodruff Professorship Endowment Fund."  Arthur Dean enriched the endowment the following year, and Frank B. Ingersoll followed suit.  The Executive Committee voted to activate the Woodruff Professorship at the beginning of the 1951-1952 academic year.  Trust proceeds from the estate of Roger C. Hyatt LL.B. 1913 added significantly to the endowment fund in 1976.

Edwin H. Woodruff served as Dean of Cornell Law School from 1916 to 1921.  George J. Thompson was the first Edwin H. Woodruff Professor of Law.  Holders of the Woodruff Chair since have included Robert S. Stevens, John W. MacDonald, E. F. Roberts, and Robert A. Hillman. The current Woodruff Professor is W. Bradley Wendel.

Jonathan and Ruby Zhu Professor of Law

Established by an endowment gift from Jia "Jonathan" Zhu, J.D. `92, and Ruyin "Ruby" Ye, M.S. `90, Ph.D. `92, and approved by Cornell University's Board of Trustees in January 2015, the Zhu Professorship is conferred at the discretion of the Allan R. Tessler Dean of Cornell Law School on "an outstanding faculty member who is in the Law School or who will be recruited externally." Any area of research and teaching comprehended by legal academia may be associated with the Zhu Professorship. Its inaugural holder, appointed July 1, 2015, is Stewart J. Schwab.

Robert D. Ziff Professorship of Law

Robert D. Ziff J.D. '92 established the Robert D. Ziff Professorship of Law in 2008.  The Agreement Letter reads, in part, "Preference for the holder of the Ziff Professorship shall be given to an individual accomplished in legal craftsmanship and the technical aspects of the law."

Robert Ziff holds a B.S. in electrical engineering from Harvard University and graduated first in his class at Cornell Law School.  With his brothers, he is co-chairman of Ziff Brothers Investments, a venture capital firm that invests in a broad range of industries, including real estate, energy, high-tech, and emerging markets.  Professor Kevin M. Clermont is the first holder of the Ziff Chair.

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