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Gavel on teal background with copy Law School Annual Fund. Law School Annual Fund for Scholarship - online gifts

The Cornell Law School Annual Fund is our most flexible resource. By providing unrestricted, current-use cash, the Law Annual Fund has the power to address recurrent, ongoing expenses as well as emergent needs. Student financial aid, faculty salaries, facilities maintenance, utilities costs, and many other budget items draw support from the Law Annual Fund.

Graduation hat with copy Law School Annual Fund Scholarship. Law School Annual Fund for Scholarship - online gifts

The Law School Annual Fund for Scholarship delivers a grant-in-lieu of tuition to current students, effectively reducing the cost of a Cornell J.D. and a student's educational debt.

Books on green background with copy, Facilities.Recognition Gift Opportunities - Hughes Hall

Opportunities are available to dedicate distinctive spaces in Cornell Law School's new Academic Wing and Hughes Hall, as well as within Myron Taylor Hall and the Jane M. G. Foster wing.

Law Library study carrels, chairs in the Gould Reading room, lecture hall chairs, and components of the MacDonald Moot Court Room are also available for dedication at a range of gift levels.

Graduation hat with copy Public Interest Fellowships (PIF) Public Interest Fellowships - online gift

Public Interest Fellowships help to support Cornell Law students who work in unpaid public interest law jobs during the summers of their 1L and 2L years. A PIF grant of $1,200 qualifies for federal matching funds of $3,800 to create of total summer stipend of $5,000.

Pencil on blue background with copy,Public Interest Low Income Protection Plan Public Interest Low-Income Protection Plan - online gift

The Public Interest Low-Income Protection Plan provides grants to Cornell Law alumni working in public-sector legal jobs and repaying student loans.  Using a formula that accounts for level of debt, cost of living, number of dependents, and annual salary, PILIPP calculates the amount of each grant to alleviate financial uncertainty,case-by-case.

Globe on red background with copy,Cornell Law Clerkship at the Conseil d'Etat. Post-Graduate: "Cornell Clerk" at the Conseil d'État

A unique agreement between Cornell Law School and the Conseil d'État, France's highest administrative court, offers a Cornell Law LL.M. with excellent bilingual ability in the French and English languages to serve as the "Cornell Clerk" on complex matters of comparative and international law.  Cornell Law School pays the full cost of the clerk's salary, benefits, and relocation to Paris -- in total some $80,000 for the clerkship's one-year term.


The Alumni Affairs & Development staff at Cornell Law School is based in Myron Taylor Hall and is here to answer your questions about volunteer participation and gift-making. Telephone or write to us and we will assist you in any way we can.


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